Network and Storage Protocols

CIFS and small files


I am in the process of placing my 3140 8.1RC1 into production.  We've been testing a few things and Citrix roaming profiles are taking a LOT longer to load vs the EMC NS40 that we are replacing.  A lot meaning the NS serves up the same profile in 1/2 the time.  We are using SATA drives in both configurations but the 3140 has 20 SATA drives in a single aggregate whereas the NS has only 10.  Nothing else going on the 3140 currently.  The roaming profiles have tons of small files.  Throughput when copying NS->3140 is pretty stellar - any clues or tips?  SMB2 enabled on vfiler. 




you'd better open a performance case and let our TSE help you on that. it's not just a easy one to get the answer here. you probably need to get asup and capture the perfstat and so on.

thanks a lot