Network and Storage Protocols

CIFS connection slow


Subject: CIFS reconnection slow.




We have a netapp fas3250 in clustered setup running ontap 8.2.1.

Our ldap server is active directory w2012.

The cifs shares network are set up with a virtual lif adapter

DNS is configured


When we log on to a client running win7 enterprise the drives are mapped trough the logon script.

Browsing the shares is fast. When we keep the PC idle for +/-40 minutes and we browse to the cifs. It takes +/-40 seconds before the contents of the cifs is shown.

As a test 1 connected 1 cif share using the ip and onther using the DNS name. The problem stays the same.


I checked the clients power settings and there are no group policies applied. This storage box is running in a closed lab environment (only few users)

Another test I created a smb share on a windows file server and I don't have this problem.


Any suggestions?