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CIFS only accessible by Domain Admins



I have the weirdest problem. I have enabled CIFS for NTFS only using active directory integration. I have done nothing withing the options.cifs or any other funny config. The problem is that only the domain admins can access the default http share. (or any share I have created for that matter)

I have created a NAS volume to host the shares and have done a default wizzard driven share creation form SM2.For the life of me I cannot get normal domain users to access the share.

Any thoughts?



by default the share created would be Everyone/Full_Control.

Could you share the out put of the cifs shares or the screen shot of the SM2 shares page (Select one of the newly created share before taking screen shot)


Are you getting an error on windows client like this "The specified network password is not correct."?

Then you may not have usermapping for those domain users.

CLI command to check this is

"wcc -s domain\username."

If it says user not mapped, you may need to add unix user entries in /etc/passwd or ldap or nis. Then create usermapping via /etc/usermap.cfg. Verify /etc/nsswitch.conf to make sure that passwd entries are looked at the correct sources.

or you may need to check "options wafl.default_unix_user". Set it to some user default user like 'pcuser' in /etc/passwd.