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CIFS permission denied - ontap 7.3.2P6 with windows 2000


With have setup CIFS and enable the access in our FAS Vault filler. It is joined to the domain without issue.

Name     Mount Point                   Description
----     -----------                   -----------
TestBak  /vol/SV_testbak_bkp          Test backup
                    APAC\administrator / Full Control
                    APAC\anyagent / Full Control
                    everyone / Full Control

While try to access the path via \\FASvault\TestBak in one of our windows 2000 server using logon user APAC\administrator, there is no permission denied issue.

Everything could be done.

However when I logon using user APAC\anyagent to logon and tried to access \\FASvault\TestBak and create a file or folder I get permission denied issue.

Even with everyone permission setup, it also does not with user APAC\anyagent

All the below works fine.

cifs domaininfo

cifs lookup anyagent

wcc -s anygent

Anything that was missed out?



What if you browse to \\FASvault as APAC\administrator and right click on the share and go to properties -> security tab?  Does everything look good there?


that's the cifs share permission, not the vol permission. i mean that you need to make sure your user have the right to the SV_testbak_bkp.

use fsecurity to check the permission on it. and also need to make sure SV_testbak_bkp is ntfs security style.