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CIFS unsupported operations errors on connections from all Windows 7 clients


FAS3050 running OnTap 7.3.2

I am getting constant errors being logged on the filer relating to unsupported CIFS operations only from Windows 7 client connections. (Already have smb 2 enabled)


debug cifs.op.unsupported Wed Jun 23 15:24:15 PDT Cifs operation 0x10 is not supported on the filer. Request information: 0x68

debug cifs.op.unsupported Wed Jun 23 15:24:15 PDT Cifs operation 0x10 is not supported on the filer. Request information: 0x68 1

debug ems.engine.inputSuppress Wed Jun 23 15:24:15 PDT Event 'cifs.op.unsupported' suppressed 758 times

In looking up the CIFS command code it shows as:


So far, no one has complained of any problems, but It's always good to be proactive.

Anyone know of this being an issue?





It is SMB 2.0 related message. This is to make a note whenever Windows 7 client throws a command that is not supported by NetApp. Not indicating any specific error. Of course, windows 7 goes back to other SMB commands that are supported by non-windows SMB servers.

If you don't want to see this message at all, I can find out if there is way.



That would be useful, as there are so many of these errors filling the syslog that it makes it inconvenient to see actual critical errors.

I wonder if the support for smb 2.5 that is scheduled for a "furture release" (7.3.4?) will support these commands.




Update. Upgraded OnTap to version 7.3.3.

There was no change in the supprt for these commands.

Knowing how to suppress the logging of this error would be helpful,

as they happen so often that it fills up the syslog quickly.

Please let me know if you know how.



Anyone have any idea how to suppress logging of these errors?

I can't be the only one with this issue.


If there is an entry like “.debug” in the /etc/syslog.conf file, try deleting “.debug” string and see if that helps. That will stop all debug messages, so make sure that it is ok.

You may have to restart the system to take these changes into effect.



Thanks for the reply.

Well, I definitely do not want to suppress all "debug" messages.

If doing this will suppress ALL debug messages, then this is not a good idea.




1000's of these messages are logged daily.

There has to be some way to either resolve the issue, or suppress the logging if it is of no consequense.

We can't be the only organization using Windows 7 with NatApp are we?

Others have to be seeing these errors too.

Anyone have ideas on this?




Same problem here. How do i get rid of these messages?

cifs.op.unsupported:debug]: CIFS: Cifs operation 0x10 is not supported on the filer. Request information: 0x68




This is still an issue for me as well.

Am now using OnTap 8 and the issue is still unresolved.


This is a debug message. Debug messages are most often only useful for (as the name implies) debugging filer related problems. There are lots of other debug messages that you probably don't want/need.

The only solution is to remove all debug messages if you don't have a specific reason why debug logging is enabled (probably working with NetApp global support on a support case)

You can also always re-route the "debug" messages to a different logfile (say, /etc/messages.debug). To do this simply edit your /etc/syslog.conf file. This is what I usually do, I also don't want "info" messages spamming the ssh session every time a SnapDrive/SnapManager operation starts, for example.



Thanks, Michael.

Your reply is the best suggestion yet!

So maybe in 2020 NetApp will fully supprt SMB 2.0?



This appears to be "fixed" in OnTap 8.1.1.

Instead of filling the log, you get a suppression message, like:   Event 'cifs.op.subOp.unsupported' suppressed 492 times in last 1801 seconds.



Bumping, on 8.1.2 P4 and i do get the cifs.op.subOp.unsupported suppressed message, but I still see the unsupported 0x10 messages as well, just not quite as many.




does anyone knows the reason?! 4 years - noone ?


I am having it also -

[xxxx]: Event 'cifs.op.subOp.unsupported' suppressed 104 times in last 1801 seconds.  



Please check:

CIFS operation 0x10 => SMB2 QUERY_INFO [0x10]

from BOL:

 You can disable SMB 2 on the storage system by using options 'cifs.smb2.enable off' 
 if SMB 2 is not required.
 The client tries another method when the unsupported response comes back from 
 the storage system. There is no system impact except the extra syslog messages.
 Please refer to the following links:
 For information about IPC$ share:
 For information about SMB2 QUERY_INFO: