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Can I schedule an open file session kill for a CIFS Share


Hello All,

Is there a possibility where we can schedule an open file session kill for a specified CIFS shares.

There is a CIFS share where mulitple users log on and work and everyday at specific time one file needs to be updated but it would be lock with some user, being an admin we can kill a session and make that file write for the next user but I was just checking if we do any scheduling on this

Appreciate your revert.

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is that always the same user you could do per script

Thanks for the update Hoffmann,

Not sure if that would be with same user but with same file, The scripting can be done but I was thinking if there is any option from DFM.

Even if I have a script how do I embed the same in the DFM


I researched more on this and with the help of lock break command we can kill a session from the filer cmd prompt.

Now is it possible to schedule a command from DFM to kill a session

Command Ex :

lock break -f "/vol/Share/folder/file.xlsx" -p cifs

Thanks for this, I need to do the same for some out of hour maintenance and this will help