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Challenges Migrating large amounts of CIFS data with permissions using RoboCopy


I have about 45 GB of CIFS data on one Windows 2003 server and 280 GB of CIFS data on another server that I want to migrate to a FAS 2020.

I have tried various times with RoboCopy. What I need to be able to do is copy the data with the permissions. Then when the migration windows/schedule downtime comes up I just copy over the changed/added/deleted files (also with RoboCopy). The problem I have is that the first copy seems to work fine, but the second seems to destroy the permissions and make the parent folder unreadable. NetApp support has been unhelpful with this issue.

I am using the following command-line for both copies (which I think is the issue combined with the fact that the source uses inherited permissions).

robocopy "C:\Users\Home" "\\netappsf1\datavol1$\Home" /MIR /COPYALL /V /B /R:4 /W:15 /ETA /DCOPY:T /LOG:copy.log /TEE

I have found this reference:

Anyone have any advice for the described procedure?

- Elan



I suggest you to use EMC replistore for migrating the data and it keeps all the permission intact and it also replicate change data easily


Well, two thoughts really:

- try making ACLs on the top source folder as being not inherited (untick the box "inherit permissions from parent" & then click "copy permissions" on the dialogue box)

- try this tool: