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Changing folder permissions false fails



V6220 Cluster running Ontap 8.2.4P3 7-Mode

Using AD 2012


A new share is created and the share level permissions are set to Everyone Full Control. - Normal behavior

A windows admin maps the share and attempts to change the folder permissions to match what is requested.

The following happens:

They get an error message stating they do not have permission to change the permissions, they click cancel, and then cancel again for the permission denied pop ups.

The properties window closes

They reopen the properties window, select the security tab and the permissions they set have stayed in place even though they were told by pop ups that they had no permission to do so.

This also sometimes removes the "Everyone" setting.


Has anybody else seen this?  Is it unique to binding to a 2012 server?



is the volume/qtree is a UNIX type? if so. it need to be changed to NTFS


use the command

qtree security /vol/vol_name/qtree_name


and to change

qtree security /vol/vol_name/qtree_name NTFS

Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK


Thanks for the reply..


It is already an NTFS qtree, but it is mounted by Unix systems.  But that doesn't seem to matter beccause it does this with ALL shares created. whether they are mounted by Unix or not.  I can reproduce with a simple test share that is not used by anything at all.  I have another cluster in another data center that don't exhibit this behavior at all.  and all options are identical.