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Cifs Direct access without switch





can setup  filer port to be connected to Server directly via Ethernet cable and configur it  in same Subnet to have Direct Cifs access ?  

and it's supported configuration  to have the host accessing the filer in Cdot or 7-mod system with having switch between them ? 








Supported?  Don't know.

Will it work? maybe, depending on the design.


In 7dot I could direct connect to an e0M, set up a cifs service in workgroup mode and drop code in to do an update.


In cDOT the CIFS SVM must be joined to the Active Directory.  Is this directly connected server also the domain controller?


Whats the use case?




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Yes it’s  part of windows domain  .

the server will have two nic one connected to Filer and the other one connected to network domain .

I don't to use the switch or VLAN to connect the srever to Filer for emergencies in case of the network go down  . 


If network goes down and filer cannot contact domain controller I suspect you won't get access anyway.


Please don't take this the wrong way, but this sounds like you are solving the wrong problem.  I'd invest the resources into solving the 'network goes down' problem.  


In either mode during a takeover event being directly connected to the node thats rebooting won't help you when the lif has failed over or the IP has been taken over by the partner. In cDOT lifs can move from port to port.  So its better to add resiliency to the network design, than to design around not having a functioning network.  




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in emergencies cases I will take the data network down for maintenance or other activity . but still I want only this server to be active to filer. 


for takeover I'm think of have another third nic and create network teaming in windows server and conntect the new nic to partnter node and have the lif in ifgroup fo the both port in each controller  .