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Cifs share possible metadata problem on c-mode

Sorry for the poor English 🙂

We have in our environment one share with a wierd problem:

When i'm trying to copy some of the files to another location (even in the same vlan) it stuck and after a minute or two an error message pops up saying "Can't read from the source file or disk".
Even when i just try to see the file properties it takes me like a minute or two, so it looks like somekind of metadata problem.

Now, i've checked which files exactly do that problem and it seems like only big files(above 50 MB), mailnly zip files - although not just them, one iso and some data files also had the problem, but never an office files, even really big ones (up to 3GB)

I've tired to see wether there is a share/volume/qtree property or anything like that and everything was just like other shares we didn't have problem with.

It worth mention that this share was transfer from 7 mode to cluster mode.





Is fpolicy enabled in your enviroment? if that is the case please look into the following Kb article.


Hope this helps.


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