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Cisco UCS Hyper V boot from SAN : Stumped and need help


We are running into a major road block. We have successfully setup ESX 4.1 hosts to boot from SAN, but are not able to get HyperV(2008R2) host to boot from SAN.


Netapp 3210

Cisco UCS 6120s and chassis

Nexus 5548

Storage connection is Fiber

I have presented a LUN to the HyperV host as both a HyperV LUN and Windows 2008 LUN. Both have not worked.

During HyperV setup, we can load the drivers and see the LUN presented, but can not install Windows to it. The error is that windows cannot be installed to this disk.

Any Ideas? 



Silly question, are any other hosts connecting to this LUN?  Also is it properly formatted as NTFS?  Have you looked at the install guide:


Thanks for the reply. There are no other hosts connected to this LUN. The setup lets you partition and format, but it still does not allow you to install Windows to it. We have gone thru that guide, and it seems like every other guide on the planet! LOL!!!