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Cut & Paste Volume?


Dear NetApp Gurus,

Would you please share your tips on moving volume between aggregate by cut & paste from WinServ host?

Thanks in advance & looking forward to hear from you soon.




You can't move volumes this way. You can move files between different volumes, but not volumes themselves.


Since CIFS shares cannot point to an aggregate, It is not possible to "copy" or "paste" a volume using that method.  You do, however, have a few other options.

1.  DataMotion is a feature of Data OnTap 8.x.  DataMotion for Volumes allows non-disruptive movement of volumes between aggregates.  Here is a link to the datasheet for DataMotion for Volumes.  I presume it will require a license.

2.  The "ndmpcopy" command can be used to copy data between locations (or between NetApp controllers).  I believe ndmpcopy does *not* require a license.
3.  Volume SnapMirror (VSM) can replicate the volume.  After the replication completes and is up-to-date, breaking the mirror will make the destination writable.  This feature requires a SnapMirror license.
     3a.  Qtree SnapMirror (QSM) can also replicate qtrees.  It is similar to VSM, but it replicates data on a file-by-file basis instead of treating the entire volume as a single file.  This feature also requires a SnapMirror license.


Vol copy command can be used as well...