Network and Storage Protocols

DS4243 connection


Hi all,


I would like to setup a storage I have in the data center and I am still trying to understand if the hardware I have is enough.

I have this:


- a Data shelf, NetApp DS4243 equipped with 12 x 1 TB sata disks;

- 2 fabrics, Cisco UCS 6248UP with some FC ports available;

- the 2 fabrics above are connected to a bunch of blades, my servers (Cisco UCS blades).


Is the storage a SAN or a NAS? (it's not written in the NetApp DS specs)?

Is it possible to connect the NetApp Data Shelf to the fabric?

And make the storage available on the servers?


What is making big confusion for me is the missing optical switch for managing the zones and the paths.

Unless this is no SAN.. i.e. it is a NAS.


Thanks so much in advance.