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Dr Vfiler ip change



I have 2 questions which I can't seem to find and answer to.


I have a dr vfiler that is getting moved to a different subnet which will require a different vif name and ip address for the resource, seems like there should be a real simple way to do this but I can't find it.

Currently it shares the same vif and ip and the primary.

How do I add this new ip address and vif in so that the address is already in the system?

I know this is possible as a couple of dr pairs are already configured like this, I don't want to have to do a full resync for obvious reasons of the mirrors.


Relating to the quesiton above, if I change the hostname of the dr vfiler, will a dr resync sort the multistore dr vfiler out without a full resync?




Some good KBs on this.  The vfiler dr configure wizard lets you change the ip network of the target if different from the source.. but if it was setup as the same, you can add the ip you want then remove the one you don't want but this requires activating the vfiler.

To CHANGE the vFiler DR IP.  # requires activiting and resyncing the dr vFiler.

To SETUP and TEST vFiler dr.

To ADD a resource (volume/qtree or IP) to a vFiler dr.

Other settings like hostname are fixed in the source vFiler and replicate to the target...this is part of the configuration so if you need a new hostname, you would have to change after dr activiation....probably better to make a cname entry or other method to access by different host name..or a script to run that does the dr activate then changes the hostname.. you also will need to rerun cifs setup in the vFiler (or use netbios aliasing) if you need to have a new name.