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Dynamic DNS on VFiler only


Hi, I'm fairly new to NetApp and just have a couple of questions around DNS that I can't right now find in the manuals.

We want to serve CIFS from VFilers only and not from the hosts themselves. So I plan to create a VFiler and put it on the domain. On the hosts themselves, as they are not on the domain and our DNS is secure-updates-only they are not set to dynamically update (in fact they don't require DNS entries of their own at all at the moment).

Is it possible to get the VFiler to do secure dynamic updates for itself when the hosts do not?

If not, are there any obvious pitfalls to my plan?

Any assistance appreciated.



I am not sure I understand the problem. What is wrong with static DNS entries for filer? Are you expecting IP address to be changed frequently?


Static entries would be ok, but as our DR lives on a different subnet it would be great if the VFiler could change its own entry in the event of being brought up on the DR controllers. It's not a show-stopper by any means, I just wondered whether it was possible.


Hi Philip,

did you ever get an answer to this one? I'm looking at doing the same thing and I think the way you go about it is to enable this option in your vfiler:

dns.update.enable           secure

You can only have secure updates if you have Windows DNS servers and CIFS is configured on your controller(s). The ONTAP Network Admin Guide has further information on this.