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EMC Celera 130TB CIFS migration with 9000+ DFS links



For a potential customer we have to migrate 130TB of NAS data with 9000+ DFS links. About 98% is CIFS and 2% is NFS.
They are now using a EMC Celera with EMC DX as back end storage. The customer now has a 600GB limit per DFS link they want to decrease the amount of shares and increase the size of the shares (volumes) to at least 2 or 4 TB.

Has anybody experience on moving this much data of a EMC? I wanted to uses SecureCopy for the CIFS part but then you need about 10-15 servers to do this in a resonable time frame.

Any suggestions are more than welcome,





I know it's EoL but maybe Virtual File Manager - Migration Edition?


Tough cookie.

VFM would be handy to manage this long-term, yet for the actual migration it will use server(s) for moving the data - so the question around scalability/time remains valid.

I've got a nasty feeling that tape backup & restore may be the most feasible option for migration.




You can also try robocopy, but you are going to run into the same problem of needing multiple servers to migrate the data quickly.

The good news is that you are using DFS so you can move data in each DFS share to the NetApp filer without having to do a forklift upgrade where everything has to be migrated all at once.


I have a similar situation migrating from EMC Celerra.  Why will it take several servers for migration with SecureCopy or Robocopy? Is this the best method?

Thanks, John


Hi John,

You need more than one SecureCopy server just because of the volume of the data. You would be limited by the thrue of one single Windows server to move the data. In that case it may take a long time before all the data has been moved. So theoreticaly the more SecureCopy servers you have the faster the migration will happen.

Hope this helps.