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ESXi iSCSI port not connecting to ONTAP Select ifgrp port but does connect directly to network port


Good day,


My setup:

- ONTAP Select 9.11.1RC1 VM running on standalone ESXi server

- vCenter 6.5 with 2 ESXi node cluster

- all systems on the same subnet in VMWare workstation

- no simulated switches or firewalls apart from what vCenter and ESXi servers set up for vswitches


I'm in the process of documenting a build document for a NetApp AFF A220 but since I don't have the real appliance in my home lab (appliance will be deployed at customer site), I'm using the ONTAP Select appliance to document as best as possible how to deploy the appliance and connect it to a 2-node ESXi cluster in vCenter. 


I can connect to the LIF from ESXi nodes (via vCenter) and mount the SAN storage when I specify one of the 2 iSCSI ports on the SAN directly in the LIF (e0b or e0c), however, when I modify the LIF to be a link aggregation port (a0a) with either one or both data ports (e0b and/or e0c), I cannot connect to the LIF from vCenter.


Any help on what's wrong. I recognize that I should be using a pair of virtual switches connected to each SAN data port for aggregation but I'm not sure if this matters if I can't even get the ESXi servers to connect when there is only one data port in the link aggregation.   




Interface groups (IFGRPs) are not supported n ONTAP Select.


ONTAP features not supported in ONTAP Select:



Thank you! Much appreciated