Network and Storage Protocols

Enable Cifs under vfiler


Data Ontap 8.1.2

I know when setting up the Filer you run the CIFS setup.  However within a vfiler I am not sure if I need to run setup again or restart cifs. Here is what I get.

I have setup a volume/qtree under a vfiler.

Using CLI, I open the vfiler context testvfiler

>cifs shares

cifs not running


set preferred dc

test dc

setup cifs

I do have cifs running on, I want to verify which command I should run to enable cifs and share out my qtrees.  I want to verify it will not affect my other filers or vfilers.




This is a guess due to not having the history involved, but it would appear that "cifs terminate" was run.

You should be able to run "cifs restart" to bring the shares back online.  The only impact you could potentially see is if there is an AD object by the same name(e.g. the vfiler was recreated and joined to the domain on another frame.)

- Scott