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Expensive paperweight?


Hi guys,

I've recently bought a FAS2050 from an auction out of a company that went under. I had hoped the device had some license keys to allow even an NFS mount but the device has been completely wiped of all licenses. I've managed to get a 30 day trial key on the device but obviously this doesn't work for me. I bought the thing so I could build my knowledge on storage technologies and as it stands, the device is just an expensive paperweight that's going to make next quarters electricity bill look quite scary

Does anyone know if the license keys for this device are going to cost a fortune? I've already shelled a fair amount of cash for the device and not sure I can stretch much further for what is essentially just a learning tool





I don't think an NFS license would be for less then $5k so either start saving or ask if someone would like to donate licenses from their phased out system. Obviously I don't think you will ever call NetApp support for any help.

Or check if netapp can give you the original licenses shipped with that system's serial number, but again I don't think unless you get an approval or no objection letter from the seller you would be able to get your hands on that license legally.