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Extension of FAS2020



Actuallu i'm a FAS2020 with 12 disk 450go

-3 disk for controler 1

-9 disk for controler 2

-1 Agregate with 9 disk

I want to add an extension and I have any question :

1)Extension DS4-MK4 is compatible with FAS2020 and ontapp 7.3.x ?

2)The extension is ratached to FAS2020 or the extension is see as a new SAN ?

3)I can ratach ALL of disk to existing aggregate ?





i think you have two aggregates, one at controller 1and the other one at controller 2.

The DS14 MK4 shelf is compatible with your FAS020.

You should cable the 0a port from controller 1 to ESH Module A, and the 0a port from controller 2 to ESH mudole B

Then you can this 14 new disk assign to the two heads. (disk assign)

Regards Thomas


Yes ! but controller 2 is just for active/active

Thanks !

But if I have a FC switch a connect ESH module to controller or to the FC switch ??

Ok it's perfect if is see as new disk, I suppose all of disk is usable ?

For the disk :

-with the extension, the rack is inclued and I can buy SAS disk everywhere or the SAS disk must come from NETAPP ???



you must connect the ESH module directly to the filer.

On the FAS2050 you must buy the disks only at NetApp.

There are two versions of shelfs.

DS14 MK4 FC with fibre channel disk or

DS14 MK2 AT with ATA disks.