Network and Storage Protocols

FAS -> S Series SnapMirror


Is replication from a FAS source (FAS2020 or 2050) to an S Series (S550) using SnapMirror possible?



Evan - the S family does not officially support SnapMirror from FAS. You can recovery data but we don't allow continuous repetitive jobs to be set up.

What's your interest in such an arrangement?


I have a small customer that has an availability and performance requirement that requires a FAS2000 series system, but due to budget constraints, the S550 would be an ideal platform for DR if it were possible/supported to SnapMirror from FAS to S-Series.

Do you know if this may be supported anytime in the future for very small SMB customers?



Gotcha. I'm assuming they have a remote site and want to use it as a physical DR location, but naturally it doesn't justify a FAS2000.

This kind of input is very useful. I can't promise that it will be available but we'll explore it. Hope that helps you steer your customer.


Thanks! Yes, remote physical site, small number of servers (2 VM hosts w/ 7 guests), but a business requirement to recover from a disaster quickly.