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FAS270 w/DataOnTap problem


Having a problem with my filer.  It had been in an NIS domain (also runs NFS), but it was taken out and now has some RHEL5 clients (work fine), and 2 Windows XP clients.  I would like to map the home directories of the XP users to their Linux directories, i.e. /home/<filer>/<userid>.  The filer and the 2 XP machines are in a WORKGROUP.  For the life of me I can't set up the CIFS share users (/vol/vol1/users) to be seen by the Windows XP machines.  Currently the authentication is set to Unix clear text passwords.  The problem appears to be more deep seated than that, as when I try to expand the filer under Windows Network it doesn't even show up.  I'm stumped.

The filer is in the Windows machine's LMHOSTS file, they are in the same WORKGROUP.  The shares are set to be seen by everyone.  I've played with /etc/usermap.cfg, to no avail.  Tried adding users to the /etc/password file to match those on the Linux side.

Is there a site out there that is using a simple setup like mine, with no NIS?



Do you have CIFS license?

What exactly “share users can’t be seen by the Windows XP machines” means? What happens when you try to connect to
filer-name\share-name> (or filer-IP)?

I think that plain text passwords are disabled by default in all more or less recent Windows operating systems. I was never able to make it work.