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Filer Ethernet Connection to HP Blade Needs Your Advise


Dear NetApp Architect Gurus,

I'm working on a small data center in a rack design.

Could you please advice what NetApp model would be suited to be placed at the hospitals? (FAS2240-2 ?)

How do we allow VMs to be placed at the hospitals using NetApp storage for both shared storage and file ?

The devices should be able to provide storage for virtual machines. We would not use FC but rather Ethernet for connectivity.

Please advice if any networking componenets that would be required.

What should be the right sizing considerations that could handle say 5 to 8 blade servers with an average of 5 to 10 VMs each as a start.

How we shall use Ethernet for VMs?

This should include how the HP Blades will be connected?

We shall assume a HP Blade chassis.

Thanks ina dvance & looking forward to hear from you soon.





Sorry for the delayed response. I don't have an immediate answer for you, but I'm working on it. I will get in touch shortly. Thanks so much for your interest, and I look forward to finding you the information you need.

Thank you!



Thanks Amanda,

Just wish to re-confirm whether NetApp FlexPad offcially support using HP Blade to replace CISCO server ?




No problem, Henry. I'll get back to you with the information. Thanks so much!


If you want to boot from SAN that might be more flexible for you then you can have images on the NetApp along with the NFS datastores.  For what model, that is dependent on the performance requirement.  A NetApp trained SE should go through a sizing exercise with you.  Then you can take all into consideration including FCP boot LUNs (if it makes sense to go diskless on blades) and NFS for VMs.  If you need RDMs then you also could leverage FCP/FCoE used for boot or iSCSI too.


I am in our healthcare practice.  I would like to understand if this is for a specific EMR or PACS/Imaging application.  We have a group that can help you with healthcare specific applications.  Please send me a message and we can arrange a call.

Kurt Greening

Sr. Manager, Healthcare.