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Firefox 4 and Filerview Volumes checkbox


Hi all,

I'm not sure if it's me or not, but I'm finding that when I check one of the checkboxes in the filerview->Volumes->manage view, firefox becomes unresponsive. I've tested it with FF 3.6, and it is fine, seems limited to FF4.

Has anyone else experienced the same thing? Any suggestions for a fix? In the meantime, I will use IE or FF 3.6 for filerview...



Yes, it also happens to me. FF4, DataOntap 7.3.2P6. Works fine with FF3.6 or IE8.


Happening to me also (FF4/win7 and Ontap 7.3.2)  FireFox goes not responding.


+1, having the same issue.


I have created a ticket on mozillas bugzilla


My mistake the ticket is

Also the reason looks like the "<label...>" tags near the top of the page, anything over 10 becomes really noticible (each label line, has and equivelent checkbox).

At about 20 entries, it will take about 5 minutes, for the checkbox to activate.

This may effect other pages, but because of the relative few checkboxes it doesn't take a long time.

Workaround: In about:config, set "html5.parse.enable" to false. It seems to solve the problem! 

Thanks! The about:config trick cleared up my problems.


I have 2 physical and 2 virtual filers here right now - and I can't access ANY of them normally since upgraded to Firefox 4. It either takes forever to load a single page or it never does. The about:config trick doesn't work for me.

What's going on??


This problem is occuring in FireFox 5 as well.


It will not be patched until version 7.  It gets fixed with html5.parse.enable disabled.



System Manager 2.0 is the replacement for FilerView. In case any of you would like to try out the public beta it is available here




Actually, that bug doesn't strictly say that it will be fixed in FF7... just that, should an approved patch land in the near future, it will be eligible to be in FF7. Given Mozilla's new release schedule for Firefox (quarterly), I would think a patch would need to be approved pretty soon or it wouldn't make it in time. Based on this (, I would say a patch has until the 5th to get landed in time for FF7. I don't know if such a patch could be put into an Aurora or beta fix, or if it would be considered too disruptive.

The workaround of setting 'html5.parser.enable' to false is a fairly big change- you're basically trading Firefox 4's renderer out for Firefox 3.6's. In this case it's a good trade, but it could break things that were fixed by upgrading to FF4 in the first place. This is the kind of workaround that works fine now but might cause a totally unrelated problem in 6 months, because you've tweaked a more or less hidden, easily forgettable setting. You might run into a bug somewhere that most people can't reproduce. If you remember this tweak, no problem... if you've forgotten all about it, you might pull your hair out trying to figure out why your Firefox acts differently than someone else's.

If you're just an occasional NetApp admin, it might be better to change it when you need to use FilerView, and change it back after so as to not create a bizarre hard-to-trace problem down the road.

As for System Manager 2.0, I'd be interested in trying it, but for this note (emphasis mine):

Note: The Public Beta program is open to all existing NetApp customers. The Beta version of NetApp System Manager 2.0 software has to be installed only on non-production environments. Beta has a limited support on NetApp communities only.

That almost sounds like not only is it not yet recommended for production use, but that you are actually forbidden from using it in production (maybe by licensing terms or other contractual obligations).



The product is in beta at this stage. So we’re encouraging customers to try it out on their test environments and become familiarized with SM 2.0. The official release is in the August time frame.




This has now been set to resolved on

It is suppose to be available in FF8


I can confirm that this is a bug in Firefox, and is fixed in the "Nightly" builds as of 7/23 and beyond. This should make it into the next major Aurora release on 8/16, and into Firefox Beta on 9/27. It should be in the "Release" version of Firefox on or around 11/08, which will be Firefox 8.

I'm trying to get it bumped up a release or two, but at this point I wouldn't bank on that. I can say that I use Aurora as my regular daily browser and don't have any trouble with it, apart from some add-ons that aren't compatible yet. When 8/16 rolls around, that's probably worth considering... you can install it side-by-side with the release version.

You can get the nightly build here ( if you're interested. These auto-update just like normal Firefox does.

You can get Aurora and Beta here (, although as mentioned above these don't have the fix yet. This would be something to try in a few weeks if you're not comfortable running a nightly build.


I just noticed that I forgot the 3 reproduce step, after clicking the file view icon, you can from here click on volumes, shares, etc.Firefox hangs when you attempt go into the detail of a configuration, e.g. ->  NFS -> Manage -> click on an export to manage.

impresoras cd

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