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Fix to remove locking of files in CIFS share



We have 1 filer in one of our data-center which has a very frequent issue of Files get locked. Hosts are using CIFS shares and one of the other day we used to get a call saying that file got locked by user in that CIFS share. This issue is coming with this filer only and on rest all filers I never saw this issue.

We are using Filer Version 7.3.2P5 FAS2020

We always perform lock break command to release the lock but my question is...

Do we have any FIX from NetApp to remove this issue form filer, so that it should not come again and again


What could be the root cause of this issue??

Please suggest me what can be the best way to tackle this.



This may help


hope you have compared the settings between the filers. what is different on this filer?

you can disable cifs.oplocks.enable and check.



I am not sure if you are still having this issue, however there really isn't enough information in this post to provide you a clear direction.  As of the time you posted this you are running a rather old version of Data ONTAP.  There is one bug in particular that you are exposed to on the 7.3.2P5 release that you could be hitting, but again not enough information to provide a real clear answer.  I would recommend opening a case with Support the next time you encounter this and have them review the system while it's in state.  The bug you could be  experiencing is 374232, but again I must stress that there is not enough information to really diagnose your issue in the post here.