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Format Disks.


I am new at NetApp so here goes

My NetApp Admin create a volume on the filer using SAN storage. I went to SnapDrive on the Windows Server to Connect the Disk. It failed with a timeout.I noticed the disks were not initialized or formated in the Disk Management. When I formated the disks, it worked.

What is the procedure for connecting to disks? Is there a way for the Filer to format the disk and not have windows doing it?



Welcome to the world of NetApp

When you have Snapdrive, you just need the volume (and qtree) to be created, the rest does SnapDrive. For me it sounds like the LUN was created on the Storage and then you connected to the disk (instead of create Disk), thats where this behavior comes from.

If you use SnapDrive as it is ment to be, it will create the disk (LUN) partition it and format it.