Network and Storage Protocols

Hello All,


Is it possible to create SAN LUN & NAS Share for a single volume?

If yes please explain me.

Thank in Advance.



Yes, it is possible - but not recommended.

You just create a volume & LUN inside it. Then you can either share/export the entire volume (so you will see your LUN as a big file from a CIFS/NFS client), or create a qtree (think a folder) & share/export it.



Thanks for your reply Radek. My question is like LUN environment is entire different from CIFS environment. Then how it is possible for single volume providing LUN as well Share.

The volume should be either NAS or SAN environment. If the Volume is in NAS we can't create LUN or if volume is in SAN we can't create share.

Please correct me if I am wrong.


Replying back to add further details in the event this thread is found in the future.  A lun, while being a "disk" to a client that's connected to it, is just a file (using that very loosely here) on the volume itself.  A share just exposes the volume to CIFS, making the volume capable of storing / accessing files over the CIFS protocol.  So you can certainly have a volume that is used for both SAN or NAS (CIFS).  HOWEVER, it's not recommended that you do that. 

As a Best Practice you should use volumes housing LUNs only for SAN traffic and volumes for NAS related traffic only for NAS.  Among other things, there is the issue of space accounting and space reservations that come into play for LUNs and if you are storing non-SAN data on the same volume as your NAS data it will make space accounting a nightmare