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Hitting the 16 LUN Limit for one (!) virtual server


Now, after some years of growth, we are really hitting the 16 LUN Limit for one (!) virtual server in near future.

I just want to know, how other admins are getting rid of this problem today.



I am using several Hyper-V Clusters with Windows 2012 R2. Each Cluster is connected to several iSCSI LUNs (16 TB each).

Due to the rich capacity growth (exchange servers with archiving, huge databases,..), we have some virtual servers which will reach the 16 TB limit soon.


I know I can spread out several vhdx files for each server in different CSV LUNs as I do it now manually, but is this the future?


When will NETAPP increase the LUN Limit to e.g. 100 TB as the flexvol limit is?




Dynamic Disks (no snapdrive) and volume mount points are no solution as I want to use CSV within the Hyper-V Cluster and snapvault for backup purposes.


by the way:

With Microsoft Scale Out File-Server Cluster, I can today use NoName Hardware to build a 64TB (VHDX) shared storage. (But I love Netapp and don`t want to change... 🙂


Every answer would be appreciated. 





16 TB limit applies to ONTAP 9 as well. Refer page 161 on the link

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