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How to check AD user who set home directory


Dear all,

1. I would like to know is there a way to list out all the AD users who have set home directory in netapp storage (7 mode). I don't have privilege to access the AD.

2. I would like to know if I need to migrate data from an old storage to a new one. The driver mapping of the home folder must be set via AD? Is it possible to set via the storage?




1. homedirectory created for each user normally will have the same username as the directory under the searc_path. Share the search_path and extract the directory names and cross check randomly the directory name with the username in the permissions tab on the folder.

2. drive mapping has to be done from the AD. Storage can only facilitate the homedirectory space. In the migration scenario, if you can keep the new storage name (\\cifsservername) same as the old name, then you can avoid doing the re-mappings.