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How to crate share with Guaranteed space folder



I have problem with Quotas Qtree and Share

I need create share abaut 500 GB

On the share it will be folder that name: "importand" this folder must have Guaranteed  space on the volume.

thats meens that users who create some files beyond folder "importand" cannot create more then 300GB

Ofcourse share could be bigger and biigger but folder "importand" quota must have 200gb





You require to 1st enable quotas on the volume hosting your share. ( You can use Filer View in doing so).

Then you need to set the quota as per the qtree space you want to define. For this you need to make you folder under that qtree and you should be good to go.

Let us posted.

Cheers !!!


Sorry bu it isnt so simple

If i create quota on qtree abaut 500gb and create folder "importent" when users writes some files to the qtree what kind of protection of space Ihave one folder "importand"?


Ihave volume Z:

Qtree Z:\qtreestructure -here i have 500GB Guarant

on qree folder z:\qtreestructure\importand but on this folder NONE i need 200GB

Users who wont to write to another folder then "importand" have only 300GB How can I do this?


Here's the bad news - ONTAP does not support directory level quotas outside of the qtree construct.

There are 3 quota types support by ONTAP: user, group and qtree.

It's about time we had directory level quota support in ONTAP.


As suggested by Richard,

Currently we don't support it. But why can't we place the directory in a separate qtree ? Is there a limitation at your end for this ?


Why should the quota implementation on a storage platform force users to adopt a certain directory structure if quotas are required? Part of the beauty of a file system is its flexibility.

I'm sure NetApp would like more CIFS customers rather than using native Windows for File Services but that's a difficult transition to make when the quota implementation in Windows is more adaptive.