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How to create NFS mount for a directory inside a volume




This might be a basic NFS question. I created a volume "vol_nfs" with junction-path "/vol_nfs". I created directories inside the volume "vol_nfs". How can I export any of these sub directories as a NFS mount? I am on Ontap 9.1.


I know how to create a volume and mount it as NFS. My question here is, can I mount a directory inside a volume and create a mount for that? 


Thanks for your help!




If the subdirectories you created are qtrees, and you want a different export policy for each one, then you can use the following command to apply a policy to each individual qtree.

Otherwise, each directory within the volume ,whether it is a qtree or just a folder, will use the export policy of the parent volume.


Unfortunately you can't apply the policy to the qtree in system manager. You would have to use:

qtree modify -vserver *vservername* -volume *volumename* -qtree *qtreename* -export-policy *export_policy_name*