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How to power off the Netapp FAS2020


Dear Sir,

I just get one FAS2020 in my company. But I don't know which is the standard procedure for me to shut down the Netapp.

I logged in the system with my administrator account.

I saw there is interface like Filer > Shut Down and Reboot > Halt/Reboot/Halt but dont get taken over.

Does it mean that what I need to do is to click on "Halt" button? Then I can disconnect the power cable of Netapp



Just switch a power off.

"Keep It Simple, Stupid" ;o)

It's safe, until a NVRAM battery hold an electricity (usually 3-5 days), WAFL will be in consistent state (by design).

If you need to switch storage for a long time, you can use 'halt' command from the administrator's console.

halt [ -t <mins> ] [ -f ]


If you have an active/active configuration and do Halt, partner will automatically takeover. If you intend to shut down both partners, use "Halt but dont get taken over" (or whatever it is called in GUI). Takeover state is persistent, meaning that when you switch filer(s) back on, they come up in the same takeover state.

Usually shutdown is pretty fast; to be on safe side, it is better to open console and wait for CFE prompt before physically powering off. If you open console anyway, you do not need GUI - just do "halt -f".

1. For active-active do cf disable & do halt on one node same u do on node2.
2. Poweroff shelves connected to the filer
3. To poweron do vice- versa


I always halt the OS before powering off. Why tempt fate?


I like to do everything from the CLI

  1. Confirm hosts connected to filer are off - DIY or ask other enginers to confirm (ping?)
  2. Test host are off by looking at lun stats -i 10
  3. Confirm the filer is idle  "sysstsat -x"  {Look at CPU, Disk, Network, Tape}  All the counters should be close to zero, if not WHY not?
  4. Once you are sure no one / thing is using the SAN, turn of cluster "cf disable"
  5. Stop the DoT OS with the halt command
  6. Power down the filer
  7. Power down any shelves
  8. Power down any FCP switches if required

Hope it helps


{PS - Turned off a live SAN once so I am extra careful now.  Only takes an extra 5 minutes but can save days of pain if you get it wrong....}