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How to update entry in /etc/host.eqiv


I want to enable RSH access for netapp controller from a specific host, and now i have enabled the options.rsh  enable on. But now i'm stuck in adding the host DNS/IPaddress in host.equiv file to make the controller trust the host from where im going to run the prefstat report. can anyone provide the steps on how to add the host entry in /etc/host.equiv file.

Im using ONTAP 8.0.2P5 7-mode..





man hosts.equiv


Each line in hosts.equiv has the following format: 

hostname [ username ]
+@netgroup [ username

If the host on which you enter the filer command is a UNIX host, the user name is optional. If the host on which you enter the filer command is a PC, you must enter the user name for that PC in the /etc/hosts.equiv file.


Hope  this will help.


hi venkat - are you editing the hosts.equiv file via the CLI or via a CIFS share?

If you are doing it by the CLI, you will have to read the file (rdfile) and then copy it, make the changes in Notepad, or Notepad++ and then re-write the contents to the same file with the (wrfile) command.