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I can not login to cifs after create qtree


Hi all,

I have some problem in cifs,

I have a volume name vol1 and share by cifs,

before I create qtree,it can let me login normaly,

but when I create a qtree name qtree,

and put the vol1 to qtree,

I found that I can't login by cifs,

so I delete qtree and cleare all relation configuration,

but I still can't login by cifs,


please help me~

Thank you very much~



A common mistake is a wrong security style on the qtree.

Please check with

>qtree status

the column "style", saying wether  a qtree has a security style unix, ntfs or mixed. By this style you specify which directory service first is queried for credentials.

Change style with

>qtree security <path> [unix | ntfs | mixed]

If no login is possible at all, check domain infos

>cifs domaininfo

are there any AD-controllers, right domain, are *you* in the same or a trusted domain (trust relations?) etc.?

Maybe also a simple time issue: when storage time differs more than 5minutes from AD controller, no authentication is possible (Kerberos "feature")



Maybe some of this may help.