Network and Storage Protocols

I need to plan for migrating nfs exports to different controllers




COuld you please let me know what type of planning work i need to do in terms of applications permissions, netgroups etc ?


What prerequisiites i need to instruct to Unix team to get them confiugred in Unix servers ?


What steps does Unix team need to do at the time of cutover ?


Please add any other items which i need to take care at the time of cutover.






I would suggest you to perform complete discovery on source volumes storage / Hosts and other dependencies.. And decide how you wanted to move the volumes/exports and what granularity..For e.g. per Application , host , storage , etc..


Plan and  set the target storage ready and choose appropriate migration methodology for file level migration.. You didn’t mention the source / target storage in question. 


Regarding the Host / UNIX side, it’s pretty straight forward, the below are the pre and post migration activities for for any UNIX NAS volumes.

Pre Migration Cutover Activities

Check mount details.

Check /etc/fstab entries. ( persistant and non-persistant)

Check for stale mount points if any.

Verify nfs version target compatibility if different

Verify showmount

Check access level  (RO/RW/ROOT)

Check if there are any ACLs defined for the nfs mounts

Check total size,usable space and the number of inodes in nfs mounts

Check ownership and rwx permissions of NFS file systems.

Verify the /etc/host entries


Plan for the cutover window with Volume/App owners , and shutdown the application/database related to the migration volumes when the cutover starts.

Check if any open file and I/O accessed by application/users

Quickly verify pre-migration data and unmount file systems after application/database is shutdown


Post –Cutover :

Verify the nfs services up and running

verify the showmount command

Mount the new volumes with new storage.

Compare the nfs mount details of the file systems after migration

fstab entries

Check if the access(RO/RW/ROOT) holds good after migration

/etc/host entries

Check if the access(RO/RW/ROOT) holds good after migration

Make necessary changes to the ACLs if needed

Compare the total size,usable space and the number of inodes in nfs mounts after migration with that of before migration

Check if the ownership and rwx permissions of all the NFS file systems holds good and coordinate application/database team to ensure all ok


Thats all .. Have Happy Migration...)