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Ignore filer authentication error?



We are experiencing that our filers reporting authentication errors (eventid 5722) in event logs on our domain controllers (2008r2), same as in this thread:

The workaround is presented in following KB:

The proposed workaround is based on that we lower security in our domain to NT 4 authentication algorithm. We do not want to do that.

We can see the errors popping up from all our filers, but they are all operational. No users has reported access problems to their CIFS file shares.

Two questions:

1) Why does the NetApp filers communicate with a security model from  NT4? (NT was released in 1996. An eternity that is.)

2) Can the error be ignored? As mentioned, no users have reported errors. We can logon to filers with our windows admin accounts.





I am about ready to upgrade from AD 2003 to AD 2008r2 and am wondering the same thing.



Hi there!

Have you tried to reset the Computer-Account in the Active Directory?

You can try this or you can delete and precreate an Computer-Account in AD with the same name. After that you have to terminate cifs on your Netapp and rerun the cifs-setup. This will cause al little downtime for cifs-Users, so think about the time you do this.

This helped me with this error shown in the Eventlog of the DC.

Sorry for my poor english...


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