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Installing NetApp simulator


Hello folks,

I have a question for you in installing a simulator ?
Are there are any precautions  that you need to follow to make NetApp simulator to work like real filer in NAS & SAN environment.
because the simulator I installed is not working like real filer to test all the operations.
If so can you  please give me some suggestions or if you have any script can you please share with me.
Thanks in Advance.



Hi Navin,

The SIM has got its limitations by design. IE, you cant do FC san on it, only iSCSI. It would be better if you explained what

problems you are seeing?



I regularly defend the Simulator as a fantastic tool for test & dev. You'll never get real world scenarios of performance or through-put, but most of the features and functionality is available. Pretty much anything that would could do in FC is possible in iSCSI. The limitations are really around the amount of storage you can assign.

But agreed, would be interested to know what limitations you are finding?


I believe there are some limitations by design like FCP,VLAN and DISK size/numbers support.  The primary goal of the simulator is not to test your production environment with real data, but to have a sandbox to try things on your own.  Also, I think this is done to discourage folks from putting a simulator into production.





Can u pls let me know from where u got the simulator .. I wanted to download that ... can u please forward the link ??

It's available on the NOW website ( and can be found within Downloads -> Tool Chest (top right of the Downloads page). The install guide is available in the same location.