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Integrating Netapp with Mac OS X open directory as well as OpenLDAP server


Can Netapp integrate with Mac OS X open directory and OpenLDAP?  Was asked about replacing an aging Apple XSan/Promise storage setup (99% of the clients are Mac OS X) with a new solution to be used for group shares and home directories. Can the OpenLDAP server be used for authentication as well as Open Directory server used to get group permission settings to control file access on a Netapp array.  I'm not a Mac person so thought I'd see what I could find out here.  If this is possible, what feature sets, etc. would be available?  Insight or suggestions welcome.




What is intended access method from OS X - NFS or CIFS?


They way I'm understanding it is to use CIFS to access OpenLDAP for authentication and then access the Apple Open Directory for the group permissions.