Network and Storage Protocols

Is it possible to create a volume that can be accessed by both Vmware and windows hosts



I'm not sure if this is possible or if it's just  a configuration issue on my end.  I'm trying to create a volume on my  Netapp to host ISO images that can be used by both Vmware and Windows.

I'm  able to create the share and export but while changing some of the  configurations, either Windows hosts can access it just fine and Vmware  can't see the ISO images in the datastore, or Vmware can see the ISO  images but Windows clients get access denied.  The reason for Windows  hosts having access is to upload and download ISO images.  The reason  for Vmware to access the ISO images is to build new VM machines.  The Vmware ISO datastore is configured as read only.



It should be possible.  What protocols are involved for each hosts?


Cifs share for Windows clients and NFS export for the Vmware ESX datastore


Ok.  So it looks like you've got some permission issues.  It could be a user mapping issue, a export/share issue.  But this should be doable.

I'd need to see much more about your config, so you can try to dump it here or it may be worth opening a support case so they can work with you directly.

But this should work.


What is the security style of the volume? ("qtree status" will show this)

Who are the users trying to access the files?

What do you get for "options wafl"?

Set "options cifs.trace_login on" and try to access from both VMWare and Windows. What does the output show? (turn it back off when you're done)