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Isolated NFS mount per VM




I have an implementation question on NFS exports.  We're in the process of migrating our KVM virtual machines from local storage on our hypervisors (Proxmox using KVM) to our new NetApp array.   We are planning to do a phased transition - we started by moving the VM instances to LVM over iSCSI.  However that doesn't make the best use of the NetApp's compression and deduplication capabilities, so our next planned phase is to move the data on each VM to its own NFS exports on the NetApp, letting us shrink the images to basically just run the VM's OS. 


Now, when it comes to setting up the NFS exports we're still a bit green around the ears.  We'd like to use the same snapshot policy for each VM's mount, but we don't want the VMs to have access to each other's data.  Is there a best practice for approaching this?  Should we be looking at creating a separate export policy for each VM, or is there some policy configuration that we missed which makes each client use a chroot(?) for its mount?







please try this best practice to see if helps

TR-3848 Best Practices for KVM and Red Hat Enterprise Linux on NetApp Storage Technical Report .pdf

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