Network and Storage Protocols

Load Blancing Policy


I need to know what is the best practice for load balancing my Netapp 3140. Currently my controller #1 is quite a bit "busier" than controller 2. In viewing the OPS in Operations Manager, the majority of the traffic is from CIFS and NFS, iSCSI is "sleeping". On controller 2 although it is less busy than controller 1 the iSCSI OPS are significantly higher. I am in the process of putting a rather OPS intensive database on via iSCSI and need to know which Controller I should host the prod DB Lun on. Controller 1 which is overall more busy but iSCSI is not busy at all, or Controller 2 which is less busy but iSCSI is more busy. I apologize if this is confusing... Also does anyone have a "safe" number of OPS per protocal that should not be exceeded per Netapp controller?



I might also look into the CPU and disk utilization as well, while considering load distribution.

Also need to keep in mind, each system should bebalanced such that in case of a cluster failover, surviving node can take the fullload.