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MAC OS Leopard with LDAP authentification CIFS


Hi all,

My problem is:

I am upgrading an old FAS940 to a FAS3140.  CIFS is configured to work with a UNIX LDAP.

CIFS on a the FAS940 works well mac (OS LEOPARD), linux and windows clients.

Testing access before migrating to the FAS3140, linux and windows are ok, but access from macs won't work.

I know there is an issue with plain text passwords not allowed from mac OSX and onwards.

My customer told me they resolved this problem on the mac os with a script which made so the MAC OS would allow to send plain text passwords.

So CIFS access works to the 940, but not to the 3140. All CIFS options were positionned to the same values.

Any clues?

thx in adavanced



I do have a customer with Macs accessing a 3140 via CIFS -- it is local user account authentication though.

What version of ONTap? Same or different between the 960 and 3140?

Also, this is a bit of a side question....but has anyone integrated CIFS with eDirectory via LDAP?