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Management port e0m



I've been tasked to upgrade 8 filers Ontap,  the problem i have is getting the Ontap files to the download area

This is a very secure setup so only have access via e0M or SP.  I have attempted to map a drive to e0M and using a local account but this is coming back various error  (network not found etc)

I can logon to each file via the management ports so don't believe it a network problem.  But firewalls are a consideration, check with Telnet that port 445 is open and believe this is the only one required

Couple of question

we do have a OnCommand server, can this be used in any way ?

Have considered setting up HTTP on the OnCommand server, but may raise security issues.  Is this easy to setup ?

Do i need any more ports open to be able to map a drive or are that any options i need to check preventing access (options interface.blocked.cifs is empty and e0M is off)




Do you have an internal http server where you can put the Ontap upgrade and have access to from the filers?

If so, a 'software get' will download the update file to the node you're working on. 

'software list' to confirm the existence afterwards.



I would have to set a http server up on the management server, this would be a task in itself


Maybe I'm missing something key in what you're describing. 

So the management interface gets you access to console into the node.  Once you're at the console, you should have other interfaces available to work with.

Is there no IP on that node that is capable of routing to an internal web server to grab the downloaded upgrade?


All the other interfaces are customer facing, On a different network with it own AD\DNS etc so i can't use them for transferring firmware etc

I don't have a http server which i can access via the e0m port, unless i build one


Ah.  That's the clarity I needed.

Regarding mapping a drive to e0M, I may be mistaken, but I believe that is strictly management when used for RLM/SP purposes.  Thus file serving via CIFS or NFS is not possible.

Any chance of a customer-facing network having Internet access where you could serve up the file?  I don't know of any other options than http or mount access for getting the upgrade code to your nodes.


"mapping a drive to e0M, I may be mistaken, but I believe that is strictly management", that was my gut feeling and just wanted it confirmed

I'm looking at web server access still using e0m but feel i may get the same issue


I use HFS for this; it doesn't need any setup and is immediately available.


@aborzenkov: Is this what you mean by "use HFS"?


Yes, exactly. Very useful, I have it on my notebook and do not need to worry about HTTP server on customer site.