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Migrate data off from EMC Centera and move to Netapp Snaplock


Hi Folks,

we are looking a software or hardware solution that could help us to migrate data from EMC Centera to Netapp Snaplock. Does anyone experienced this situation?

I cannot believe that doesn't exists a solution for this...

Thanks for your help





We got a service offering based on taking data off EMC Centerra. Here is the link


Txs for your quickest reply.

I cannot access to the link that you posted, I haven't enought privileges (it seems)

Does this link accessible from a public link? it's a Netapp owns solution or is based on OEM software?




I believe that is an internal NetApp link.

Also, "professional services" usually refers to a custom service provided by NetApp engineers (i.e. lots of custom scripts/procedures they've worked up for this kind of thing and not a software package available for purchase).


What kind & what amount of data are we talking about?

If e.g. the data in question consists of flat files then Centera Universal Access ( can present it either via CIFS or NFS protocol.

In a case we are talking about CIFS, a solution as simple as robocopy can fit the bill (



we are talking about:

Filenet p8 on HP-Ux 11iv2 Itanium we are around 100millions files (90% pdf with medium size of 50kb)

hope that this help


OK, I see - in that case I guess robocopy is light years away from what you really should consider

If I understand your situation correctly, you need to closely liaise with IBM guys, or whoever else has expertise around FileNet. This is a content management system, so moving over just the data is not good enough (assuming you are willing to keep FileNet as a solution & only swap the back-end storage).


I think Host based migration can solve this issue.

and using EMC open migrator/LM can do this operation.

first create the snaplock volume on NetApp filer and then install Open migrator/LM software on HP-UX box and discover your EMC centerra box volumes on which your pdf files are there from open migrator which is instaled on HP-UX and in similar way discover your NetApp storage system snaplock volumes and start migrating the data between these two volumes. you can do this process online with little bit data disruption.

for more details see " " for open migrator.


As I wrote before - guys are using content management system, so I don't think shifting just the back-end data (i.e. actual files) solves the problem, no matter what tools they decide to use to accomplish this part of the migration.

This needs to be handled at the higher layer, i.e. through / in conjunction with content management indexes and metadata.

I don't know the details of FileNet, so it's may be as easy as repointing paths to new locations (for indexes, metadata AND actual files), but still this is something which is key to making the whole exercise sucessful.



Hi Marco -

I'm very aware of your migration problem on Centera. It can't be solved with a host based migration, as most people who reply to this type of thing do not have any CAS experience. FileNet is proprietary and does not use CUA.

My company can probably help you as we specialize in this type of work. We are currently an IBM and NetApp partner (SDP), and will be announcing ourselves in the next couple of months (we do not have an external website yet)..

Please send me an email and we can talk further..


Gary Lieberman

CEO Interlock Technology