Network and Storage Protocols

Migrating away from FCoE to iSCSI


I am new to the NetApp Community and certainly not as knowledgeable as I should be...


That said.  I need to change protocol from FCoE to iSCSI on our NetApp.  It doesn't matter if all data is lost as it will be rebuilt through an automation process.  What I need to know is if this is possible and what is the recommended path?  Is there a published document I can download that describes this?  I don't have the model numbers and software versions as I will be on site tomorrow.  If that is necessary I will update this post then.



Yes, it is possible. There is no data loss, the same LUN can be accessed concurrently using FC, iSCSI and FCoE. You need iSCSI license. How to setup iSCSI is described pretty extensively in manuals, just check manuals for your version.