Network and Storage Protocols

Mixed mode behavior


I have a volume being accessed by both SMB and NFS clients with the security style set to mixed. Whenever I execute the following command on a folder or file, I get something like the following:


vserver security file-directory show -vserver mySVM -path /path/to/my.txt -volume-name myVol -instance

Vserver: mySVM
File Path: /path/to/my.txt
Security Style: mixed
Effective Style: unix
DOS Attributes: 20
DOS Attributes in Text: ---A----
Expanded Dos Attributes: -
Unix User Id: 12002
Unix Group Id: 1200
Unix Mode Bits: 775
Unix Mode Bits in Text: rwxrwxr-x
ACLs: -


Through a Windows client, I added a NTFS ACL to this file and that seemed to take effect. It doesn't show up in the security tab afterward, but the effect seems to be there. I still have Unix-esque ACLs on the file that are visible through the security tab of the Windows client on the file. Is it possible to display all applied ACLs for this file?


Mixed mode is either or. Effective style is Unix, so that is what is used and displayed. You cannot merge two sets of ACL.

Normally the last change wins, this suggests that file was modified from Unix client after you changed Windows ACLs.