Network and Storage Protocols

Moving shares between volumes



On my filer, I have 2 volumes. Each volume has one cifs share. The idea is to put my 2 shares on the same volume and then destroy one of the 2 volumes. I do per volume snapshots. My filer is in HA mode.

How would you do that ? ndmpcopy maybe ? If possible I'd like to keep my history of snapshots when moving to the new volume.




You can create a folder in one of the volume or create a qtree in that volume. Copy data mentioning source as volume and target upto newly create qtree. NDMP is the right choice.

While creating cifs share, mention path upto qtree.

assuming below mentioned scenerio in your case.

Vol1 and cifs share test1

Vol2 and cifs share test2

create qtree or folder in vol1 let say test2 then it would be /vol1/test2.

use ndmp copy as source vol2 and destination /vol1/test2.

create cifs share test2 and mention path up to /vol1/test.

Hope it will help.

Any possibility to keep the snapshot history?

you can only keep snapshots till the time, volume is online. So Don't destroy volume, till the time you need snapshots and create atleast one manual snaphost as soon as you copy data.