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NCIE - SAN Implementation?


Hi Guys,

I have recently passed my NCDA after taking the course down at Uxbridge. The course of which was very informative and drilled everything into my head pretty much that was needed for the exam.

I then have been on the NCIE course which seemed a very rushed course and not much of the exam objectives were covered. I have now taken the NCIE - SAN Implementation exam twice now and failed missing the pass mark by around 2% and 3%.

So one thing i would like to know is there any material out there that is catered for this exam, i have the material from the course for the san implementation although not everything is covered in that book. but anything that you have in regards to SAN planning etc. would be great.

Hopefully thanks in advance.


How did you go with your exam, did you pass your NCIE-SAN?

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Yes I can relate to this as I attended the NCDA Advanced Bootcamp and SAN Administration was mostly skipped over due to non-working labs and time factors but have just passed my NCIE SAN Exam this morning on the first time with 75%. Probably the best thing that I have thought that has helped was the Principles of SAN Design Brocade Book, which helps you understand all the concepts from a Brocade style of learning however there is still alot of Cisco MDS 9000 Switch Exams, the Cisco Website can help you cover this but there is alot missing on the Netapp SAN Course to sitting this exam.

Good Luck and I am sure that you will do well next time around

Thanks for that i will get on that right away, i have my third attempt this afternoon so i am really hoping that the revision and

the reading i have done will help me to scrape through.

How did you go with your exam, did you pass your NCIE-SAN?

Hey, I passed the exam last monday morning. very hard exam that one though. VCP next on the cards for me.