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NDMP 8.1 RC2


I am trying to create a user defined selectio and have Backup exec backup my CIF shares as network files rather than NDMP.  I have a customer running 7.3 with NDMP turned of on the filer and have no issues connecting and doing this way.  In 8.1 RC2 with ndmpd turned on, I can connect to the filer but it's doing an ndmp backup rather than a regular share backup.   in 8.1 RC2 it defaults to ndmp, with ndmp turned off I cant even browse to the filer.  any suggestions?



I've the same issue - but on 8.1 RC3. On my old filer it is no problem to do a backup of the cifs shares without ndmp enabled. I'm also not able to see the shares in the Backup Exec software, and if it try to open the plus symbol in select list I get the error that it is not possible to login - access denied. The permissions on the new share (8.1RC3) are the same like on the old filer.

How can I fix this?



I had this issue and after research found out that the Backup Exec agent uses port 10000 which is the same as NDMP which it does not like. I got around this by creating symlinks on my backup server using mklink /d to the UNC path of the CIFS share.

Edit: oops didnt see NDMP was disabled....




thanks for your reply. Yesterday I changed the ndmp port to 9000 at my backup server (C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\services) and it doens't work. I left the ndmp port at 9000 - maybe the solution works also without changing the port setting.

Today I talked with a technician and we got it. 🙂

You get the issue if you try to make the choice through the "Active Directory Domain"-view. If you make your choice through "Userdefinied choices" (first you have to define the share, then you are able to choose it), you can proceed your backups and restores as normal. The only thing is that it takes some seconds till the tree is open.