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NDMP Restore....No original environment



I have Old tapes that we just need to restore some files to and external hard drive  that they used NDMP.


We dont have the original NDMP, What we can do in order to restore the data ? any utility or software will help?


from some post online seems like it can be done without the original equipment/environment by using

NetApp Simulator VM.

where can i download that ? is it really going to work?



Please advice





Hope this info helps.


When you say Original NDMP = I am assuming you mean NDMP backups created on NetApp filer (Whichever NAS vendor for that sake). There are two types of backups and hence restores depends upon that.


two-way :  In this scenario, Tape library is directly attached to the NAS [ex-NetApp filer] via SAS/FC Physical Ports
and the data is NDMP dumped to TAPE locally  using NetApp head.

If this is the case ? : Then you need to arrange Physical NetApp filer and attach it to the Tape library in order to read and restore that data (Dosent matter which Model) . NetApp Simulator don't have real SCSI/SAS/FC ports and therefore tape library cannot be attached.

three-way : In this scenario, Tape library is attached to independant Media Server (Win/UNIX) and backups are written to tape using Media Server. These tapes can be restored without requring original FILERS. CommVault even provides NDMP Remote enabler which even allows you to restore data to standard OS, such as windows/UNIX server.



Option 2: three way:
Tape drive is attached to a windows machine . just need something to run on windows to extract this.
In order to do this then do I need the CommVault license ?
Or any other utility from them that I can use ? 


Hi Tommy,


I mentioned CommVault just for an example purpose, they have a unique propritier feature (paid option) wherein it enables you to restore the NAS data to Non-NAS devices such as standard OS such as Windows/Unix standard machine.


I guess in your case it does not apply, b'cos the backups were most probably taken by another Backup software ( I dont know which). Every backup software has a proprierty information when writing to tapes and it will not allow other Backup software to read those tapes.


Coming to your scenario, 3-way backup: In this backup types, even though the backups are read/written by Media Server but you can only restore the data to NAS location (In 2-way, NDMP Head reads and writes the tape) .


In 3-way : It will ask you for restore location path which will be similar to the original location that was backed up. However, you can give another locaion but on the same or another filer.  My question is : Are you able to catalog the tapes ? Are you able to browse and go to restore directories ? Once you select the data to restore, you need to enter the path to NAS location. Hence, you will need a NAS path for the restore.


Is it possible via Simulator ?
Well, theoritically yes; but first step would be to get the simulator up and running and then add this NetApp Simualator NAS using Port NDMP 10000 to the backup software. Once it is detected, it should show up as NAS destination for restore selection purpose. Once you trigger restore from the backup software, Media Server will load the tape and start to read in order to restore, once it has reached the correct offset for the director/file to restore, it will begin to restore. Now, it is only to be seen whether restore to the simulated virtual disks reported as NetApp volumes is possible or not ?  If the tapes were NDMP dumped volume level, then entire dataset will be restored, and depedning upon the size of the volume I doubt simulator will be able to take it. Once again, I have only done restore in my lab from Backup-2-disk Medias, and not physical tapes, so I can't really comment if it will work.